About Us

Since 1989, Caravan Services Runcorn has been an independently run business specialising in the service and repair of touring caravans.


"The servicing and repairs of caravans has been in our family since the 1950’s, when my father began to work for Harringtons Caravans in Delemere. Whilst growing up in the 70's I would regularly assist my father, gaining much expertise and knowledge from his vast experince and skills he had gained over the years, from an early age.


In 1977 during employment in the industry, I became certified in the service, maintenance and repair of caravans.


In 1989, I decided to start my own caravan business - Caravan Services Runcorn. Since then, I have built a strong reputation, developing an excellent customer base, largely through word-of-mouth; this has been achieved through ensuring customers leave satisfied with the high standard of work that we offer, achieved by transferring my 40 plus years of experience."


Mark K. Hanmer

(Business Owner)


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Caravan Services Runcorn